Read below my top tips for creating a dreamy sleep space for your little one.


#1 Keep babies room simple & calming 

Avoid bright colours & hanging mobiles over the cot as these can be overstimulating. Keeping babies room simple and clutter free helps to create a calming effect.

#2 Temperature

Keeping babies room on the cooler side makes for better quality sleep and also prevents the risk of baby overheating. Overheating can increase the risk of SIDS, so aim for babies room to be around 18-22 degrees.

#3 Keeping it Dark 

Darkness is essential for producing the sleepy hormone melatonin and helping baby to have good quality sleep. Think cave-like darkness. Blockout blinds can be a great addition to babies nursery to add some extra darkness during the day.

#4 Whitenoise 

White noise is great for triggering babies calming reflex and for blocking out noise around the home. We are wanting the white noise to be played fairly loud similar to that of a shower running, played continuously for babies naps and overnight.